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Revenue percentages per platform, per month

Posted by on Nov 7, 2011 in Insight | 0 comments

There’s always interest in our revenue experience across the platforms we work with and so we put together this graph which shows the percentage of our revenue derived from each platform for each month.

Obviously there are a few caveats to interpreting this graph. Firstly, it is relative revenue, so in a given month revenue on a platform may have increased even though the relative percentage decreased because other platforms increased more. It is worth bearing in mind that our total revenue trend is strongly upwards. Secondly, on a month to month basis, it is heavily influenced by any featuring that our games receive. Finally, our portfolio of games has been released on different platforms at different times so each month is not necessarily comparing the same titles on each platform, although that effect is now much diminished.

A few recent events are clearly visible – the HP TouchPad firesale had a very noticeable positive increased on our webOS revenue, Bada’s recent promotional activites did result in a small uptick in revenue and the Verizon V-Cast portal switch which occurred recently and wasn’t altogether a smooth experience virtually obliterated what was a promising revenue opportunity (considering we have only shipped 4 of our titles on V-Cast).

We’ll update the graph on a regular basis for anyone interested in the trends we are experiencing.